Update on Transportation Network Company (TNC) Legislative Initiative

Update on Transportation Network Company (TNC) Legislative Initiative

The PPA has been asked to participate in a working group to help formulate, advise, and advocate for new legislation that will be proposed in the state legislature in the coming months related to Transportation Network Company regulations.

The current TNC statute expires later this year. PPA President Mark Vergenes, along with board member Charley DeBow, are participating in this working group.

In addition to providing the latest information and resources related to the parking, transportation, and mobility industry, it is also our goal as an association to work with organizations and entities throughout the state and nationally to enhance and improve our industry as a whole. TNC regulations will continue to impact our industry moving into the future and we look forward to continuing to be an advocate for our members and parking professionals throughout our state and beyond.

We expect to hold a webinar in the near future for members to receive an update on the progress of this initiative. If anyone has any questions please contact Mark Vergenes or Charley DeBow.

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