2015 Award Winner: Parking Operations

Lancaster Parking Authority, Lancaster, PA







The parking garage suicide prevention education program initially resulted from suicides over the past several years from the Lancaster Parking Authority (LPA) Prince Street Garage in Lancaster, PA. The evolution of the program started first as training for LPA staff to be prepared to deal with these type of situations and then as management options/tools to curtail future incidents both reactively and proactively. These findings and outcomes were first presented to the profession locally at the PPA Spring Training in 2015. This presentation evolved into a case study/action plan for parking professionals to use if they experience similar situations. The case study/action plan article is published in the August 2015 edition of the International Parking Institutes (IPI) Parking Professional magazine and will be proposed for presentation at the IPI Conference in 2016 as to provide the information to a larger audience who can benefit from the information. After publication of the article in August, PDF versions are available and further dissemination to other organizations, with distribution of the article to Building Management Owners (BOMA) and suicide prevention organizations and publications throughout the country.

Project Team:

Firm Preparing Submittal
Larry J. Cohen, CAPP
Executive Director
Lancaster Parking Authority
111 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17608
phone: 717-299-0907
e-mail: lcohen@lancasterparkingauthority.com

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